Loose leaf teas

Cream Dream

This is an English Breakfast Tea for the tea connoisseur

Price: £6.00

Darjeeling - First flush

First flush id the first plucking of a tea plants leaves. This is a very high quality tea with fresh flowery flavour and a pale infusion. For the true tea lover!

Price: £10.00

Elephant Company Earl Grey

Authentic, delicately scented Earl Grey tea with a zesty, lemon tone. We've used a Ceylon & China black tea with the natural oil of Bergamot. Just wonderful.

Price: £6.00

English Breakfast Tea - Loose Leaf in packaging

English Breakfast Tea

A delicately balanced blend that allows you to distinguish our fine tea leaves fully. Invigorating for any time of day!

Price: £6.00

Chun Mee Green Tea in packaging

Green Tea (Chun Mee)

An uplifting Chinese green tea for those times when you need a refreshing moment during your day. Clean the palate and refresh your taste buds. A green tea that isn't bitter.

Price: £6.00

Gunpowder Green Teas

A pearl or bead tea as its been rolled into pellets that will explode when you brew.

Price: £6.00


The flavour ranges from light and floral to darker more honeyish taste. Oolong falls between black and green tea and is very rich in health benefits.

Price: £6.00

Peppermint Loose Leaf Tea

Powerful Peppermint - After Eight blend

Cooling and invigorating this is a great tea for a hot summer day. This tea is triple infused for an intense yet fresh flavour.

Price: £6.00