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Black Tea with Almond and Coconut

A top quality Ceylon tea from India and China, delicately blended with almond and coconut chunks and a soft vanilla flavour.

Price: £6.00


Simply pure whole camomile flowers in this tea,but with an unusually rich flavour. Just lovely- calming and soothing. Naturally caffeine free.

Price: £6.00

Cherry and Beetroot

Love cherries? Then this is the tea for you! Perfect cherries lovingly dried in the summer sun make the the flavours deep and intense. To compliment we've blended other key fruits and beetroot to maximise health benefits. Naturally caffeine free.

Price: £6.00

Chinese Chun Mee

Known and the 'Precious Eyebrow' tea due to the shape of its leaves. Chun Mee is a non fermented tea so it keeps all of its vitamin content.

Price: £6.00

Cream Dream

This is an English Breakfast Tea for the tea connoisseur

Price: £6.00

Darjeeling - First flush

First flush id the first plucking of a tea plants leaves. This is a very high quality tea with fresh flowery flavour and a pale infusion. For the true tea lover!

Price: £10.00

Elephant Company Earl Grey

Authentic, delicately scented Earl Grey tea with a zesty, lemon tone. We've used a Ceylon & China black tea with the natural oil of Bergamot. Just wonderful.

Price: £6.00

English Breakfast Tea - Loose Leaf in packaging

English Breakfast Tea

A delicately balanced blend that allows you to distinguish our fine tea leaves fully. Invigorating for any time of day!

Price: £6.00

First Flush Darjeeling

Fine,fresh flowery flavour and a pale infusion- a beautiful tea on the palette. Darjeeling is a very pure tea, sure to cleanse your palette.

Price: £6.00

Gingerbread House

A little gingerbread spice to warm your heart and soothe your soul. A delicate blend with a sweet flavour backed up with a hearty, nutty taste. Naturally Caffeine free.

Price: £6.00

Chun Mee Green Tea in packaging

Green Tea (Chun Mee)

An uplifting Chinese green tea for those times when you need a refreshing moment during your day. Clean the palate and refresh your taste buds. A green tea that isn't bitter.

Price: £6.00

Gunpowder Green Teas

A pearl or bead tea as its been rolled into pellets that will explode when you brew.

Price: £6.00

Lapsang Souchong

Our special China Tarry Lapsang Souchong, a full-bodied,bold tea with a rich smoky flavour.

Price: £6.00

Lemongrass and Ginger

We work with small holder farmers on the central mountain range of Sri Lanka who grow high-quality lemongrass and ginger. Their produce is gently sun dried and hand cut before being packed at source for extra freshness. The flavour is bright and warming with a delicious balance between the lemony nuances and ginger bite.

Price: £6.00

Masala Chai

Our black ceylon tea is enlivened with chai recipe created by our friends in Sri Lanka. Whole pieces of organic cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, ginger and cloves are added to the tea.

Price: £6.00

Minted Green

An ultra refreshing in-house blend of gunpowder green tea and peppermint. No other two ingredients could make a more powerful brew!

Price: £6.00

Multi Herb Tea

Multi herb tea is packed full of goodness in every serving! Top up with your vitamins and minerals here.

Price: £6.00


The flavour ranges from light and floral to darker more honeyish taste. Oolong falls between black and green tea and is very rich in health benefits.

Price: £6.00

Peppermint Loose Leaf Tea

Powerful Peppermint - After Eight blend

Cooling and invigorating this is a great tea for a hot summer day. This tea is triple infused for an intense yet fresh flavour.

Price: £6.00

Red Berry and Rose

Our super fresh and fruity tea with chunks of strawberry and apple. Squeezed full of vitamins to help keep colds and flush toxins away and rounded off with a delicate edge of rose petals. Naturally caffeine free.

Price: £6.00